Pokhara Higher Secondary School & Mount Valley College


Updates from our school

Pokhara Higher Secondary School (PHSS), One of he established +2 colleges in Pokhara was founded in 1999, It is situated in a peaceful location at Bagar, Pokhara and can easily be reached from any corner of the city.PHHS is affiliated ti Higher secondary Education Board and has been running classes of grades XI and XII in science and commerce streams. Classes in both streams are run in the morning and day shifts. Therefore, our students can make choices about the programmes according to their interest and convenience. since 2007 PHHS has been running under a new management body consisting of renowned lectures from different discipline. With the motto “Quality Education: our Commitment”, PHHS combines intimacy with a strong academic tradition and and genuine atmosphere of good humor, hard work and mutual support. The college is dedicated to develop the particles of wisdom in individuals through quality teaching methods. PHHS lays special emphasis on teaching students with individual approach to establish he personal relationship between the teachers and students, on which the school strength is based. PHHS is an institution with a proud heritage, excellent programmes, and distinguished faculty. The institution has evolved as a strong academic center devoted to meet the challenges of students in today’s global society. The college of always aims to become resources and technology to help students reach their education. Mount Valley college (MVC), a newly established educational institution on the foundation of pokhaara higher secondary school Pokhara-1 Bagar by the same school management, is just taking it’s first step to march ahead with new objectives under the umbrella of Tribhuvan University.

Pokhara Higher Secondary School

Message from Chairman


High quality education is the need of today. Such education is usually practical and applicable in different human activities. It is true that infrastructural development is necessary to provide quality education that enables our students to sustain life successfully and independently. Pokhara Higher Secondary School is one of the +2 colleges that can provide basic infrastructures for quality education. We have got highly qualified teaching faculty. Our laboratories are fully equipped for any type of experiments prescribed in the courses. We have got a resourceful library with a spacious reading room. Our students can enjoy reading newspapers, periodicals, textbooks and reference books in the library. PHSS library has got a great number of text and reference books which the students can borrow according to the rules and regulation of the library. Our main aim is not only to provide certificates for our students but we mean to impart to them the quality education that enables them to shape their future independently. We are confident that the infrastructure at PHSS can fulfill our aim. The PHSS management committee aspires to develop the school into a centre of higher education with the cooperation of parents, students, academics and well – wishers as in the past. The aim of PHSS group is to display excellence in education as much as possible. Please visit PHSS person and get information before you join it.
Dr. Ramchandra Pokharel
Management Committee, PHSS

Message from Principal


it should be realized that the traditional system of education has almost failed to generate manpower with required efficiency and skills applicable in today’s fast changing world, growing towards globalization. Today’s demand is to produce efficient manpower. Today’s need is to generate skilled manpower. With the realization of this fact, Pokhara Higher Secondary School is committed to impart quality education to its student’s through pragmatic teaching method so that the expected manpower be generated. We don’t believe in rote learning. We believe in the learning acquired after real understanding of the subject matter, which is only possible through students’ active participation in the teaching-learning activities. We want to instill in our students an insatiable desire that learning is a never ending process and that we should continually follow it. It will enable them to understand the real application of what they have learnt. This type of learning changes our graduates from job seekers to job creators. A lot of PHSS graduates have proved that they can do very well in the field of their interest. PHSS proudly welcomes all those who want to shape their future career with skills and efficiency boosted by quality education.

Thank you.
Mr. Homa Nath Sharma